Emotional Support

Based on her own experience, Eleanor has a profound understanding that women suffering through a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment are at the single most vulnerable and stressed out point of their entire lives, and that shopping for accessories should be as private, gentle, and supportive an experience as possible.

Professional Consultations

Eleanor is a Certified Prostheses Fitter and Specialist and will help find the right products so that you  feel comfortable and confident again.


A wide variety of prostheses, mastectomy related accessories, swimwear and clothing from world leading brands, such as Amoena.





In all shapes and sizes, with features such as “Duel soft,” "built-in cooling," “flowable” back, and lightweight materials






Post Mastectomy Vest

Ultra-soft cotton fabric, with step-in entry and drain pouches




Valletta Camisole

Adjustable double spaghetti straps and bilateral pockets for prostheses





Surgical bras

Professionally fitted, bras come in a wide range of styles, colours and fabrics




 Specialty Swimwear

a wide selection of stylish swimwear including “Tankinis” which feature pockets that hold breast forms, so you can enjoy the beach or pool again without feeling self-conscious





Lightweight form for use with swimwear